• General Questions
  • 1. How do I go about booking the hall?

    Check the availability of the hall in our Hall Diary by selecting ‘Calendar in the top menu bar, then do one of the following:

    •          * Call our booking secretary 07748 791544, if no answer please leave a message
    •          * Email Booking Office
    •          * Complete and submit the enquiry form on our Bookings page

    Once you have ascertained that the hall is available, download (from here) and complete the booking form; then either:

    Once this booking form is received our booking secretary will confirm your booking

  • 2. I would like to take a look around the hall, how do I do this?

    Please call or email our booking secretary who can arrange for you to be shown around.


    Click here to see contact details

  • 3. Do you have a plan of the hall?

    Yes see below


    Fire Risk Diagram for Aldermaston Parish Hall

  • 4. What size is the hall?

    The Main hall is approx 14m x 5m, height 5.8m (46ft x 16ft, height 19ft)

    The Balcony is 4m x 4m (12ft by 12ft)

    The Billiard room is approx. 10m x 5.5m, height 3.9m (35ft by 18ft, height 13ft)

    We also have a small stage with step access from the inner hall.

  • 5. Do you have some outside space as I’d like to have a Hog roast?

    Yes we have a small outside space behind the Billiard room where a Hog roast could be set up. BUT please note that this is not a play area.

  • 6. I would like to hire in a Bouncy Castle, can the hall accommodate this?

    Yes you can have a bouncy castle in the main hall but please see our special event guidelines taking note that your supplier must have their own Public Liability insurance.

  • 7. Can I smoke outside the hall?

    The hall and the hall car park are non-smoking areas.

  • 8. Do you have a garden?

    No, we do not have a garden

  • 9. Can I have fireworks outside?

    No, under no circumstances are fireworks permitted including grounds surrounding or connected to the hall

  • 10. How many people can I have in the Hall?

    The main hall is licenced for 100 people and the Billiard room for 50 people. 


    If the whole hall is booked then the maximum is for 150 people.


    However, please also take into account the numbers of chairs, tables etc and of course the number of parking spaces.

  • 11. How late can music and other activities go on for in the evening?

    The hirer shall avoid excessive noise after 10pm and ensure that all music is finished by 11pm to comply with our licence... 11.45 pm is the time that ALL activities should stop, unless you have permission from the APHMC.  This includes all entertainment, cleaning, packing up, closing down, the hall MUST BE CLOSED AT 12.00 MIDNIGHT.

  • 12. What happens to rubbish which my event has created?

    The hall has no provision for removal of rubbish.

    It's up to the hall hirers to dispose of any rubbish left (including soiled nappies). All rubbish must be removed from the premises. Any rubbish left after the hiring of the hall may incur charges for the disposal.

    Please see end of hire instructions which will be sent to you nearer the time of your event.

  • 13. How do I collect the key to the hall for my hire?

    About a week prior to your hire date you will be sent key collection / return instructions.


    Please note the hire time include set up and clear-up time. The key must be returned at the end of your hire, i.e. if you finish at midnight the key must be returned by midnight.

  • 14. Are animals allowed in the hall?

    No animals or birds (except assistance dogs) are to be brought onto the premises, unless agree in advance by the APHMC. 


    No animals whatsoever are to enter the kitchen area at any time.

  • 15. Does the hall have a car park?

    Yes, we have space for 16 - 18 cars if parked carefully with two spaces marked for wheel chair/disabled users at the front and side of the Hall.


    Diagram of Aldermaston Parish Hall Layout showing parking areas

    Please ensure that the Fire exit doors are not blocked by vehicles.

  • 16. What features does the hall have for disabled people?

    • We have parking spaces next to the front door specifically for the disabled.
    • The Front and side entrances to the hall are the same level as the carpark.
    • We also have toilets suitable for disabled users. 
  • 17. Does the hall have baby changing facilities?

    Yes we have baby changing facilities in the downstairs toilet near the stage.


    Please note: all soiled nappies must be taken away and not put in bins.

  • 18. Where is the Parish Hall located?

  • 19. Are there any First Aid kits on site for Hirers Use?

    Yes, it is kept in the kitchen on the wall opposite the door from the main hall and is clearly marked.

  • 20. We are attending an event being held at the Parish Hall are there any B&B's in the village?

    There are no B&B’s in the village, however we do have the Hinds Head Hotel which has rooms in the village and a little further afield (on the A4) there is the Holiday Inn.

  • 21. Are there any local shops in the village?

    Yes Aldermaston stores is within a short walk of the hall and opposite the Hinds Head pub plus there is also Rosebourne, food hall, restaurant and garden centre, just pass the pub towards the A4

  • 22. Does the hall have WiFi?

    Yes we do have Wi Fi, the Wi Fi name and password can be found on the notice board in the entrance hall and on the front cover of the information files on the mantle piece.

  • 23. What happens if we have a power cut?

    The emergency lights will come on above all the fire doors providing enough light for you to exit the hall safely. In addition there are emergency torches located in the cupboard above the fridge. The Fire alarm board will also bleep, please call our caretaker (details in your key collection pack) who will come and reset it.

  • 24. Who owns the Parish Hall and runs it?

    • Aldermaston Parish hall is a registered charity, Number 300110.
    • The Parish hall is held in trust and the Aldermaston Parish hall Management Committee (APHMC) manage the hall.
    • The day-to-day running is managed by the caretaker, on behalf of the APHMC
  • 25. Can I put up posters, banners and balloons?

    Yes, but you must use the hooks on the walls.

    No drawing pins, sellotape or blue tack please

  • Furniture
  • 1. What furniture is included in the standard hire?


    There are 50 padded chairs in the main hall, 12 padded chairs in the balcony and 30 padded chairs in the smaller hall (the Billiard room) making a total of 92 chairs if you are booking the whole hall.


    In addition we have 28 wooden folding chairs which can be made available on request.



    All halls

        Qty 12 go-pack tables (qty 7 @ 6ft x 27” and qty 5 @ 6ft x24”),

        Qty 4 smaller go-pack tables @ 4ft x 2ft.  

        Qty 8 square card tables– please arrange for these prior to the event as they are kept locked away. 

    Main hall

    These tables are locked away, please let us know if you need to use them.

    •     Qty 5 6ft round tables (seat up to 12),
    •     Qty 2 5ft round tables (seat up to 10)

     If you need to use the round tables, there is an extra charge of £5 per table.

  • 2. Do you have set configurations for laying out the tables in the main hall (for instance for a wedding reception?

    Please see suggestions below:

    Main Hall Table seating capacity using round tables (maximum of 70 people)

        Round Tables: 3 x 6ft = 36, 2 x 5ft = 20 = 56 person
                  (it is possible to sit 70 but at a squash, with no area to move around tables for serving)

        plus Balcony:   4 x 6ft go-pak tables = 14 people.


        This would leave 8 6ft go-pak tables for use in the Billiard Room (for buffet food/drink)


    Main Hall Table seating capacity using 6ft rectangular tables (maximum of 88 people)

        Use 12 tables in a horseshoe shape. 2 at top, 5 down each side (making sure not to block doors.)

        Maximum of 8 on top tables plus 20 people along both long sides = 80 people

                   (once tables are laid there will be no space for dishes etc.)


        20 people along one long side = 40 people


       This would leave no more tables for use in Balcony or Billiard Room.


    Main Hall Table seating capacity using 6ft rectangular tables (maximum of 80 people)

        Use 10 tables in a herringbone design seating a maximum of 80 people

        Maximum at each table along sides and each end = 8 people

                    (once tables are laid there will be no space for dishes etc.) more comfortably would be

        3 on each long side = 6 people therefore seating 60 people in total.


        This would leave 2 tables for use in Balcony or Billiard Room.
       There would be space for these 2 tables to be set up in front of the stage as a buffet table.

  • Kitchen Facilities
  • 1. What facilities does the kitchen have?

    Please see list below:

    • Commercial dishwasher
    • Large duel fuel Oven (with grill) and hob
    • Plate warmer
    • Hot cabinet
    • Catering fridge 12.7 cuft capacity
    • Microwave oven
    • Qty 2 Urns (small and large)
    • Qty 2 domestic kettles
    • Qty 3 domestic teapots
    • Qty 1 8pt catering teapot,
    • Oven gloves
    • Stainless steel trays


    Note: You will need to supply your own tea towels. 

  • 2. How much cutlery is there?

    There is mixed patterned cutlery for over 80 place settings (knives, forks and desert spoons) 

  • 3. How many china settings do you have?

    We have china settings of various styles for approx. 80 people. Includes: dinner plates, tea plates, bowls, cups and saucers. We also have 12 small milk jugs, 18 glass ramekins, 8 wooden cheese boards. These are included when hiring kitchen.


    We also hire matching bone china & cutlery for £1 per head. We can show you this if you request a hall visit prior to hire.

  • 4. Do you have any wine glasses or drinking glasses on site?

    We have approx.

    • 120 flutes
    • 60 water glasses
    • 8 pint glasses
    • 15  half-pint glasses. 


    We also have qty 5 water jugs.

  • Alcohol
  • 1. I would like to give my guests an alcoholic drink free of charge do I need a licence?

    As long as you are not selling alcohol you do not need a licence; however, you do need to indicate that alcohol will be served on the booking form.  You will be held responsible and accountable for any under-age drinking or alcohol-induced misbehaviour on the property including the car park. Please note that we, the Aldermaston Parish Hall Committee do not allow the consumption of alcoholic drinks on site by persons under the age of 18 years

  • 2. I would like to sell alcohol at my event, can I do this?

    Yes, but you will need to indicate this on the booking form and then apply for a ‘TEN’s licence.  A copy of this licence will need to be sent to the booking secretary a month in advance of your event and will also need to be displayed at your event.  Please note:  Only 10 TEN’s licences are allowed in any given year for the hall .You will be held responsible and accountable for any under-age drinking or alcohol-induced misbehaviour on the property including the car park. Please note that we the Aldermaston Parish Hall Committee do not allow the consumption of alcoholic drinks on site by persons under the age of 18 years.  

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