2011-2015: Parish Hall Refurbishment Project

Work on refurbishing the Parish Hall has been going on for several years. The first phase of the refurbishment project was completed in the summer of 2011, when the hall was equipped with a new gas fuelled heating system that replaced the 25 year old radiant heater system. This new system heats the halls quickly, is more efficient and is cheaper to to run.

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The second phase was completed in 2012 when the main hall received a new lighting system, was decorated in a refreshing new colour scheme and had a new set of curtains throughout. The fireplaces in the main hall were exposed and the chimneys sealed.

The 3rd phase in the summer of 2013 was the revamping of the wooden flooring in the main hall and gallery which resulted in the floors looking like a new! The Parish Hall were gratefull to receive a £4000 grant to refurbish the flooring from the Veolia Environmental Trust.

Phase 4 was the refurbishment of the Kitchen in the autumn of 2014 and includes new tiling, new storage cupboards, re-painting in anti-bacterial paint and a new dual fuel cooker.  

Phase 5 was the redecoration of the Billiard Room, the toilets and the corridors in the summer of 2015.